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Watch Neeli Neeli Akasam Full Movie on Shreyas ET

Vishal and Pournami are Love birds who go on a long drive and met with an accident. Later Vishal and Pournami are seen in a village as labor in a sugarcane field and village elder's daughter respectively. They fall in love with each other. Knowing this Pournami's father gets Vishal beaten after which his friends rescue him and take him to the hospital. Vishal remembers his past after coming to consciousness. He asks them how did he get there. He gets to know that he met with an accident a few days back and had no idea of his past and whereabouts when they found him. Vishal asks them about the girl Pournami who is along with him. His friends say there's no one with him when they found him. Where is Pournami? ArIs the village elder's daughter and Vishal's girlfriend Pournami the same? Will Vishal meet Pournami?


Star Cast: Vishal, Bhavyasri, Raaghavendra, Rasazna n Rathnaji, Movie Play

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