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Watch 302 Full Movie on Shreyas ET | Vennala Kishore Latest Movies

Avantika((Bhavika Desai), is a middle-class girl who falls in love with a rich boy named Raj(Ravi Varma). One fine day, she decides to meet him in a hotel. As soon as she goes there, Avantika finds out that Raj is all set to cheat her and fly away abroad. Knowing this, she starts quarreling with Raj and one of them gets killed accidentally. Who is one that gets killed? What will happen now and how does the rest of the story unfold in the whole crux of the film.


Star Cast: Ravi Varma, Vennala Kishore, Bhavika Desai, Taagobothu Ramesh, Venu, Naveen Neni, Tellu Venu, Rakesh

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