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Shreyas ET - Worlds First ATT (Any Time Theatre)

Transforming movie experience and digital entertainment.
Making the most of the disruption in the cinema industry Shreyas Media is all set to launch Shreyas ET - the Digital Distribution platform that will redefine your movie watching experience at the comfort of your couch.

What is Shreyas ET?
Continuing to ignite the passion of film and entertainment, Shreyas ET is a digital display space of virtual worlds where cinema lovers can book tickets for movies and experience everything just like in a multiplex or a cinema hall all on your hand-held device.

How does Shreyas ET work?
The mobile app is designed for a seamless digital experience of watching your favourite new releases ,movies, series, news, and more, all of which are curated specially to get the best of content closer to you.

Open the app, tap on your favourite world choose your screen according to the film you want to watch, book the tickets, and watch your favourite film

Why Shreyas ET?
Shreyas ET is determined that you don't miss films and shows at anytime.This gives you the liberty to only spend on what you watch and everything else that is curated for you is free - news, series, entertainment, and more.

RGV world is the first of the Worlds on Shreyas ET where the user digitally enters into RGV's world of cinema. With multiple screens under RGV, each of the screens is dedicated different genres - erotica, underworld, horror, humour, and drama.

Welcome to the World of Digital Entertainment